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Monday, December 11, 2006

Tap Dancing Karma

I was so hell-bent on becoming a good tap dancer that I secretly attended the beginner’s tap class at the Dance Centre. It was held at the same time as the advanced class, but the advanced class was held in a big studio on the first floor, while the beginner’s tap class was held in a tiny studio in the basement. It was really like having a private lesson, because there were only four of us in the class. The middle-aged teacher was a patient man, and didn’t get angry when we couldn’t master the steps or the simple routines he tried to teach us. Beverley and Stacey, my school friends didn’t know I was learning how to tap in secret, and once when I bumped into them in the changing room, they asked me what I was doing there. I lied and said I was going to do a modern jazz class. Luckily, I hadn’t put my new tap shoes on yet. I was so enthusiastic about learning tap, that I had begged my Mum to buy me a pair of red tap shoes from Gamba for Christmas, even though it was nine months away. They were my prized possession.

Soon, I had enough confidence to infiltrate the advanced tap dancing class, and sure enough when I made my grand entrance, there were Beverley and Stacey hogging the front row.
‘What are you doing here?’ Stacey sneered.
‘The same as you,’ I replied.
The last time I disgraced myself in the advanced class, I wore a pair of shabby jeans, but this time I made sure I was dressed in proper dancing gear: black knitted bell-bottoms and a shiny black leotard top - another early Christmas present from Mum. So, here I was harmoniously blending in with the In crowd.

I still wasn’t confidant to stand at the front with my old school friends, but stood in the row behind them. Let them look at my reflection I thought, but just before the class started, a late arrival, an extraordinary creature who was at least six foot tall, barged in and stood directly in front of me. He was dressed up like a daffodil, and had ringletted hair which stuck out at a one hundred and degree angle, so that I was unable to see the teacher – but looking on the bright side – she couldn’t see me. The creature must have been a pop star or something as Beverley and Stacey were all over him, but he was very cool and ignored them. I don't think he intentionally meant to be rude. It was like he was from another planet.

The class went very well and I was delighted I could keep up with the tap toe steps, then at the end – the teacher told us all to partner up. I was amazed when the creature turned round and asked me to team up with him. Beverley and Stacey’s mouths hung open, and they didn’t seem too happy when they were stuck partnering each other. The creature and I then tapped together in front of the whole class, and everyone, apart from Beverley and Stacey applauded. After the class, the creature asked me out for a cup of tea, but I didn’t ask my old school friends to join me. After all, they hadn't invited me out after I had embarrassed myself, when I was a complete beginner in the advanced class.

Copyright: Frances Lynn, 2006


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