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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Clunky Red Shoes

When I was about twelve, Mum bought me a pair of hideous red shoes which I loathed with a passion. They were so clunky, I doubt that even Little Red Riding Hood would have worn them. Nowadays, they would probably be really fashionable, but in those days they were the kiss of death. I remember being in love with a dainty pair of black patent high-heeled shoes which were really grown-up, but Mum didn’t like them. She said they looked cheap and nasty. My grandmother had bought them for me when she took me shopping once. I don’t know if it was because Mum hadn’t forgiven grandma for buying me a cheap dolls pram, which had sliced my face open when my sisters pushed me into it, or what. But, she hated these shoes so much, she forbid me to wear them Out. That’s the reason why she bought me those hideous red shoes to wear. I never had reason to be devious before, but Mum made me act behind her back for the first time in my life. When she used to drive me to friends’ tea parties, I’d hide my black patent shoes in my big bag, and dutifully wear the red clodhoppers. Then, as soon as I’d get to my destination, I’d change my shoes in the loo, before anyone could see me in them. Then, just before Mum came to collect me, I’d secretly change back into my red clodhoppers and wait for her to pick me up outside the house. Twice, my crafty plan went wrong. Once, my friends caught me out wearing the red shoes before I had time to change them, and when I confessed Mum had bought them for me, they laughed themselves stupid. And the other time, Mum arrived early at a party to pick me up and caught me out wearing my black patent shoes, while I was playing a game of 'Hide The Parcel'. That was when she discovered I had lied to her for the first time. And, it wouldn’t be the last time either. For when I discovered boys, I had very good reason to lie to Mum, as she hated some of the boys I had a crush on, as much as I hated those ghastly red shoes.

Copyright: Frances Lynn 2006.


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