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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Best Review Ever

An original and quirky writer called Brett Nicholas Moore (Tales of Brother Goose) just gave me my best ever review for Crushed on AD, the American Book Marketing site:

'Crushed' is one of the funniest books, if not the funniest, I have ever read. I thoroughly enjoyed the wit, which was razor sharp with the most hilarious unforgiving character descriptions ever penned. I don't consider myself a fast reader, especially novel size books, but it took me only a few hours to finish it because I was so hooked. I didn't even eat dinner because I didn't want to interrupt my reading. I just had to keep going to find out what was to become of Door and her odd but endearing family. There's not a wasted moment in the story. I never felt like I was being carried off on a tangent that had nothing to do with anything. Every disastrous event builds something in the development of the story and the characters. After I finished reading it, I felt like I would miss the Brevingtons. Exceptional work, Frances. I'm impressed.

Brett Nicholas Moore


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